About ArchatrakUrban

ArchatrakUrban is a trading division of Archatrak Inc., a national supplier of exterior paving materials and urban amenities. 

ArchatrakUrban was created in 2021 to promote products for urban streetscapes that encourage outdoor activity and community engagement, with a emphasis on bright, lively colors and modern design.

Our flagship product is StreetDeck – a fully integrated modular deck or Parklet, supplied in kitset form that can be easily assembled on site to provide streetside outdoor seating adjacent to cafes, restaurants and other retail establishments or simply a place to meet friends, read a book or just relax and rewind.

Our cafe and street furniture celebrates the joyful nature of color – bold, bright reds, yellow and blues to light up community spirits and provide a focus of activity, while our solar seating offers the convenience of a handy location to charge your phone, e-bike or other mobile device with a welcome place to sit as your phone, bike or scooter recharges.