Railings or fence panels span the space between planters and provide a safety barrier around three sides of the deck. Options include powder-coated steel panels, aluminum railings and stainless steel wire.

Add Railings or Fence Panels

In Parklet applications, railings or fence panels are typically installed along the road side and at the two ends of the Parklet and bolted securely to the planters.
Options for railings/panels include:

  • powder coated steel panels with horizontal slots
  • powder coated steel panels with laser cut designs
  • aluminum railings
  • stainless steel wire railings

For Pedlet applications or other configurations where planters are not required, a ‘fence’ can be constructed on three sides of the deck using aluminum posts bolted to the steel substructure. This option is only available where Ipe wood tiles are used for the deck surface since the posts must be bolted through the tiles and secured to the substructure.
Additional cross bracing with steel channel installed under the deck surface may be required for some applications.


Standard StreetDeck steel fence panels are 48″ wide by 36″ high and are normally installed flush with the top edge of our standard 36″ high planters to  create a 36″ tall barrier on 3 sides of the deck. 

For barrier heights up to 42″, the 36″ high planters can be substituted with 42″ high planters to enable the necessary higher mounting of the fence panels on the side of planters.

While railings and panels are normally bolted to the planters, 12′ long StreetDeck Parklets are designed with planters only at the corners to maximize usable space on the deck. For these decks, we use  2 x 48″ long railings on the long side of the Parklet which are then bolted together in the middle of the long side with a special upright mounting bracket.


Steel panels can be supplied in any powder coated color, but by default, are supplied in the same color as the planters.

Aluminum railings are available in black only.

Our standard powder coat color is charcoal black with a crinkle finish. If other powder coated colors are required, a surcharge will normally apply, subject to the size of the order. Just a few typical colors from the huge range of colors available include:

Laser cut panels

While most municipalities specify that Parklets must maintain clear visual sightlines to the street, laser cut panels offer the opportunity to further customize your StreetDeck. As well as geometric or pictorial designs, panels can be cut to display a city or town logo or a business name, where permitted. Laser cut panels are typically powder coated, but can also be supplied in Corten steel and left to rust naturally.

Some concept ideas for panels are illustrated below.

Parklet With Laser Cut Design