Powder-coated, galvanized steel planters specifically designed for mounting on StreetDeck

Add Planters

Powder coated steel planters are used at each corner of StreetDeck, not only to add strength to the overall structure and prevent side to side movement, but to offer extra resistance to impact from within or external to the modular deck. Fence panels or railings are bolted to the sides of the planters, further enhancing the rigidity of the structure.

On the long side of the deck, planters are normally separated by 48″ long fence panels or railings, although on our 12′ long StreetDeck model, the central planter is replaced by a post to maximize space available on the deck.

As with all other components of StreetDeck, planters are are supplied as a flat pack so can be disassembled and stored away on a seasonal basis if required, using a minumum of space.

The planters are securely bolted to the steel substructure with dedicated brackets.

  • supplied as flat packs with 2 x side panels, 2 x end panels, bolts for assembly and 1 x inner floating shelf
  • shelf can be adjusted in height depending on plantings and media used
  • pre-installed Rivnuts and brackets attach planters to substructure
  • rubber bumpers on base provide clearance for good drainage
  • supplied in any powder coated color (default color is charcoal black)
  • customization with laser cut front or back panels available

24" W x 36" H x 12" D


51lb. ea.


12 stainless steel bolts and mounting brackets


42” high planters can be supplied on request where local regulations may require a 42" high barrier around the perimeter of the deck.