‘Universe’ Solar Charging Station

A whimsical and colorful charging station with an impressive array of 4 x USB ports and 2 x Qi wireless charging pads and incorporates a handy bench seat. The overhead solar panels are less prone to vandalism than flat solar benches.

Size: 50 3/8” Dia. x 105” H
Bench Height: 16 5/8"
Weight: 410 lbs softwood, 414 lbs hardwood
Frame: Carbon steel, galvanized and powder coated
Seat: Softwood or hardwood
Solar panels:118W
Battery: Gel battery, 55Ah, 12V
Battery Level: Indicated by lights in center of USB panel
Ambient Lighting: Illuminated plexiglass rim surrounding USB panel
Operating Temp.: -4˚F - 140˚F
Installation: Attach by bolts to the foundation

Seat height
50 ½”

Softwood or hardwood seat surface
Stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel structure