‘Scandik’ Solar Work Station

A sleek, modern solar workstation with overhead solar panels offering both a comfortable outdoor workspace and a convenient charging station for multiple mobile devices. Overhead lights enable the workspace to be used after dark. Either low or high tables can be selected depending on specific needs. The central trough serves as a receptacle for plantings which can be trained to grow up a wire screen.

The Scandik charging workstation forms part of an extensive range of fully integrated furniture including single bench seats, full length bench seats with or without backs, planters, litter bins, tables and information boards, all available in any RAL color. 

Frame:                                     Stainless steel or carbon steel
Seat:                                         Softwood or hardwood
Colors:                                    Any RAL color, polished stainless steel
Charging ports:                 4 x USB
PV panel output:              200W
Battery capacity:             75Ah gel deep cycle
Lighting:                                 LED overhead lights
AC outlet:                             120V (option)

H. of low table
H. of high table
Seat height
63 ¾”
41 ¾”
17 ¾”
  • Space efficient workspace design
  • Overhead lights permit working at night
  • Central panel can be used to grow climbing plants
  • Overhead solar panels minimize damage or potential for vandalism
  • Co-ordinated range of bench seating ensures workspace never looks out of place
  • Optional low or high tables extend versatility for different applications
  • 120V AC outlet
  • 60Ah lithium battery
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel structure
  • Softwood or hardwood table
  • Low or high table
  • Matching bench seats with or without back
scandik workstation-wymiary-stacja-solarna-scandik1