StreetDeck Introduction

Modular parklets for curbside seating or dining – perfectly level, solid and stable, irrespective of the slope.

What is StreetDeck?

StreetDeck is an adaptive, scalable, modular deck kit for building small self-contained urban spaces to meet, eat, relax and enjoy the open air.
Typically used to create street ‘Parklets’ or sidewalk cafes, StreetDeck can be used anywhere needing a stable, level, self-contained platform, either temporary or permanent – pop-up cafes, music stages, event flooring.
Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble with no components longer than 6’, no on-site fabrication and no need for skilled labor, StreetDeck is by far the simplest, fully customizable, modular deck currently available.

StreetDeck Components

The substructure for the deck is assembled with 4’ long steel perimeter modules, bolted together to provide both containment for the deck surface and a secure base for mounting the planters and attaching the railings.

The deck is elevated off the roadway by means of adjustable height pedestals, which can be screwed up or down to compensate for varying slopes across or parallel to the roadway and make the deck perfectly level. ​
Either porcelain pavers or Ipe wood tiles are used for deck surface which are also supported by the adjustable height pedestals.
Planters, railings and other accessories are mounted to the basic deck, either fully integrated components produced by Archatrak or compatible third party components.

Building a Parklet

StreetDeck was originally designed as a more affordable, easy to assemble, urban Parklet, supplied in a compact kit form complete with pavers, planters, railings and access ramps – all components needed for a fully integrated Parklet. ​
It has been designed to conform with the most common standards, regulations and sizes of municipal Parklets including the ability to easily disassemble the Parklet for storage over Winter where required.
In addition to standard kits to suit the most common dimension for 1 car space (12’ x 6’) and 2 car spaces (32’ x 6’), the modular design of StreetDeck permits the decks to be extended indefinitely in length, without discontinuity.


StreetDeck is far from being a ‘one size fits all’ structure. You can bring your own planters, fence panels, railings, furniture or simply use the steel support structure plus pavers to make a raised, self-contained platform or deck.

And although our steel planters and railings are specifically designed for use with StreetDeck, you still have a multitude of options with just these two components – steel panels including custom laser cut designs, aluminum or stainless steel wire railings – supplied in your choice of color.

For the deck surface, you can choose from our entire range of over 70 colors/styles of porcelain pavers, or if you prefer a natural wood look, we can supply 24″ x 24″ Ipe wood tiles.

Start Designing Your StreetDeck