‘Scandik’ Stool 02.146

The Scandik 02.146 stool is the basic item of this line of outdoor furniture. It can be combined with almost every other piece in the Scandik range. It is equal to 1/3 of the length of each Scandik bench.

Scandik is a complete series of modular street furniture. Visually simple and impressive, a universal, fashion-independent design of simple form, it does not dominate its surroundings, but is intended to aesthetically complement them.

Frame:        Stainless steel or carbon steel
Seat:            Softwood or hardwood
Colors:       Any RAL color, polished stainless steel, wood with 4 stain options

Seat height
20 ¼”
20 ¼”
17 ¼”
  • part of the extensive 'Scandik' modular line of outdoor furniture
  • can be attached to foundation with bolts
  • stainless steel or carbon steel
  • any RAL color on request
  • seats of softwood, hardwood or HPL