Bringing it all together. Assembling your StreetDeck

Delivery, Prerequisites & Assembly

Delivery to Site
All components of StreetDeck are packed on pallets for ease of delivery to any site. For most deck configurations, pallets are no larger than 48″. No cranes or any other heavy lifting equipment are required.
Tools and Labor

No on-site fabrication of any component is required. All metal components including planters are supplied in flat pack format ready for assembly with the included hardware.

The only tools normally required are rubber mallet, spirit level, tape measure, socket wrench for M6 carriage bolts, hex key for M6 button head bolts, cordless drill with 5/16″ bit for steel plus socket for self tapping screws where aluminum railings are used.

No skilled labor is normally required for assembly – just some basic do-it-yourself knowledge. A typical deck can be assembled with just four people in several hours.


Full assembly instructions are provided with each deck. All metal components are bolted together with the included stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and brackets where specified.

No painting or finishing is required although if using Ipe wood tiles, we recommend applying a good quality decking oil/sealant sealant before use and at regular intervals to retain the wood color as long as possible.

Touch-up pens are available from Archatrak to for treating scratches or minor damage to metal components.

Disassembly & Storage

Disassembly for storage is basically the reverse of assembly. Extra care should be taken when removing and storing porcelain pavers so as not to chip any edges. ​