Steora ‘Cyclo’ Solar Charging Bench

The Steora 'Cyclo' solar bench is the first bench to specifically cater to the needs of cyclists, e-bikes and scooter riders in urban streets, college campuses, parks and recreation areas.

As well as USB and Qi phone charging outlets, ambient lighting, environment sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, it includes two bike racks, an air compressor and a comprehensive tool kit to maintain or undertake basic repairs to bikes.
Size: 71 1/4" L x 17 ¾” W x 20"H
Seat: Steel framed slats with polycarbonate insert.
Solar panels: 99W output - IK08 (EN 62262) vandal resistant.
Battery: Li-ion - 320Wh
USB outlets 4 x USB fast chargers. Apple fast charging, Qualcomm quick charge, Samsung adaptive fast charging.
Wireless pads: 2xQi fast chargers
Ambient LED lighting: Under bench - 8W, 4500K, dimmable, timer controlled
Power outlets: 1 x 120V outlet
DC charging plugs: 3 x e-scooter connectors (Lime, Bird, Xiaomi, Razor, Segway. 12V/24V/36V (automatic recognition). 63W continuous power.
Air compressor: Supports Presta and Schrader valves. Automatic start/stop system.
Weight: 231 lb.
Frame materials: Alu-zinc, aluminum, hot-dip zinc coated steel, galvanized low carbon steel.
Warranty: 2 years on electronics, 3 years on batteries and corrosion.
Seat height
71 1/4"
17 ¾”
231 lb
  • Air compressor with automatic start/stop system supports Presta and Schrader valves. 116psi max.
  • Hand tool kit includes screwdrivers, hex wrenches & std. wrenches. Tool compartment opening triggered by phone proximity using NFC
  • 1 x 120V AC outlet for laptops, max power 300W, 150W continuous
  • 2 x Qi rapid charge pads plus  4 x USB fast charging outlets
  • 3 x e-scooter charging plugs (Lime, Bird, Xiaomi, Razor, Segway)
  • System monitoring & recording of energy production, energy usage & battery status
  • Real time and stored data can be accessed from any device, at any time – phone, tablet or PC
  • envronment sensors record temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • Load sensor records the number of people who have sat on the bench
  • Under bench LED lights provide added safety & security at night
  • Battery status indicator integrated into the bench body indicates 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% charge status
  • Fans in each seat plank activate automatically to avoid the seat getting too hot
  • Additional environmental sensors - PM2.5, PM10 & Ozone
  • Noise sensor with range from 25 dB to 130 dB
  • Any RAL color
  • Backrest incorporating extra PV modules with 66W total power output. Available with or without arm rests.
  • WiFi hotspot



Cyclo drawing